Cops Too Busy Writing Traffic Citations To Combat *Hard* Drug Epidemic

As Billings' opioid and methamphetamine epidemic spirals out of control, you'd never know it driving local roads and highways obscured by meaningless and persecutorial traffic stops.

In fact, Montana Highway Patrol literally glamorizes (185,000 tickets per annum in a State with a resident population of 1.05 million) its current persecutorial approach to most taxpayers simply trying to commute or recreate safely and legally in the face of ever rising traffic on ever underfunded public roads.

Attention Cops: citizens driving 5-10 miles over posted limits are NOT the problem. Poor addicts, their children, domestic disputes and personally biased individual complaints are NOT the problem. Drugs, gangs and profiteers are. Do your jobs in taxpayers' best interest or face the growing tide of public dissatisfaction, outcry and political backlash to funding law enforcement's current travesty.


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