Bye Bye Bernie... and Welcome to Justice? Mr. Ken Lay

So Bernie Ebbers got it good.
If they throw the book at sentencing, I think it could add up to 85 years. No one ever deserved jail time more than this obvious crook, except maybe Ken Lay (Enron).

Not coincidentally both Lay and Ebbers have proffered the same defense. In a word: STUPIDITY.

"Yeah, I commanded millions in salary, appeared on television at least monthly to discuss the unbelievable growth of my company... blah... blah... But did I KNOW anything about what actually went on there? Are you kidding? I'm an idiot! A cheerleader. A stooge. A buffoon..."

Well, it didn't work for Ebbers, so hopefully it won't work for Lay or anyone else (Dennis Kozlowski that ripped off investors the way these lying pukes did.

Lay actually faces TWO trials: one criminal case scheduled for January, 2006 with co-defendants Jeffrey Skilling and Richard Causey of Enron and another, civil case brought by the SEC for allegedly profiting from $34M in personal stock sales back to his own company as he apparently realized Enron could no longer hide its massive, bankruptcy-scale debt and was doomed to fail financially.

So all I can say, to legal crusaders like Elliot Spitzer and muckrakers like Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman is: keep it coming folks. After all, yet another evil pig from Texas, Tom Delay is still House Majority Leader!

Todd Ryder