You can't fool Mother Nature:  Bush and Cheney should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY...

GWB and his neocon minions have fooled a lot of people -- enough to steal two Presidential elections.  But it seems they cannot fool Mother Nature.  Unfortunately this conclusion has come only after thousands of innocents have suffered and died, sacrificed as if before a neocon altar, selfish, short-sighted and perhaps thirty years in the making.

And we, as citizens of the U.S. and the world, should not allow this death and suffering to be in vain!

And that is why I demand the resignation of Bush and Cheney, chief presiders over a Ponzi scheme government of contemptuous and incompetent cronies and lobbyists at virtually every level. Affirming evidence literally speaks for itself:

1. The over-reaction to Hurricane Rita: Bush calling for fuel "conservation" then making an 11th, energy sucking, helicopter escorted, photo-opportunity questing trip to the Gulf Coast.

2. The tragedy and travesty of Hurricane Katrina: being "on vacation" for four days while a class five hurricane bore down on New Orleans. Michael Brown, Bush's appointed head of FEMA, doing nothing for four days, after declaration of a National Disaster was requested by the governors of Louisiana and Mississippi. And just today, at a congressional investigation so obviously neocon CYA in scope that most committee Democrats refused to attend, "Brownie", probably the least trustworthy person (with the possible exception of Rove) in America today, had the unmitigated gall to blame others, specifically the Democrat governor of Louisiana, for his incompetence.

3. The "Pack of Lies" Iraq war: >$200 Billion spent or committed; >1.8 Billion bullets; >50,000 "insurgents" killed; >2000 "coalition" servicemen/women killed.  When will it end?  Why did it start?  Who, save the Halliburton and Bechtel corporations, can possibly benefit?

4. Karl Rove's possible criminal leaking of the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, followed by his possible perjury recounting the event before a Grand Jury investigating the leak.

5. Richard Nixon, the last U.S. President to resign, was guilty of far less. Guilty of perjury and an organized coverup -- yes; but not attempted murder and contrived war!  Lest we forget, Nixon ultimately ended Viet Nam, he didn't start it.  Nixon initiated detente' (disarmament) with the former Soviet Union.  Nixon visited China and sought further diplomacy and normalization of relations.  Nixon may have been paranoid or even mildly insane, but he didn't work to bring about Armageddon.  Bush is our first Armageddon President.

For these reasons and many many more, Bush and Cheney should be forced to resign!  2008 is simply too far in the future to allow this insanity and hypocrisy to continue; to allow the deep, perhaps fatal, wounds these fools have inflicted to fester inside the body of our great Democracy; to prevent this great nation from resolving its present fiscal, moral, legal, economic, and international political crises.

And here is my immediate agenda for a newly appointed, post-Bush, emergency government:

Immediately appoint a commission of government, academic and industry leaders to begin a new, noble race against time; a "Manhattan Project" or "Moon Shot" for the 21st Century.  But not to create unthinkable weapons of mass destruction or uselessly project people into space.  Instead, this time, to once-and-for-all rid this nation and this planet of the political tyranny and unmitigated pollution from extracting fossil-fuels and burning them in internal combustion engines and electricity generating plants.  If all government incentives and subsidies designed to insure an enduring U.S. and global aristocracy were eliminated, solar and solar-thermal power would be competitive, price-wise today (albeit with high initial system costs that must be amortized) and hydrogen fuel cells will be competitive soon as U.S. domestic petroleum reserves are exhausted and our only alternative is importation at prevailing market prices.

Repeal the Bush tax cuts.
If Bush's fiscally and morally irresponsible attacks against our government and its ability to fund its legislated agenda are not repealed, then the U.S. must simply face the following economic reality: we cannot, as a nation, simultaneously pursue internationalization, social reform, educational reform, and government/tax reform. We simply cannot afford it. Our nation is approaching historically unprecedented deficit (as a percentage of GDP) levels -- the effects of this debt might be nothing short of catastrophic, given present funding formulae and projected future liabilities.  Our lower and middle classes are tapped, stressed, un/under-employed, or haven't seen pay raises in three or more years.  If all these goals are to be pursued, simultaneously, then quite simply, the wealthy, the only class growing and prospering under the neocons will have to make up the shortfall.

Remove the cap on Social Security taxes.
Progressive taxation? How can we call our tax system progressive (whereby higher income earners pay more, because they can afford to) when the 15.3% (employer and employee combined) Social Security tax rate disappears for wages in excess of $87,900. Removing the regressive cap can cover 42% of the present unfunded, future Social Security shortfall beginning in 2017 when payments exceed collections under current benefit formulae.

Raise the U.S. Inheritance Tax to 100% of assets.
No limits. No exceptions. After all, it's one thing for a government to allow individuals to amass ridiculous wealth.  It's quite another, altogether more sinister and class stratifying thing, to allow such wealth to pass directly to heirs, in perpetuity.

End the Illegal, Immoral, Imperialist Invasion and Occupation of Iraq
There is a word for killing someone because they might want to kill you: MURDER!