Let them eat cake...


Gee, I wonder why the Federal Reserve recently announced it was/would soon end its current cycle of rate raising? Could it be they have $100B in debt (bonds) they need to unload next month -- a feat made that much harder under rising rates... so now I guess there is no inflation ergo no more reason to raise rates.

So I say let these pathetic neocons destroy the middle class. Let them stack our Courts with lying conservatives and our Congress with sleazy dollar-a-fuck whores. After all, anyone with eyes to see knows that the end of American "empire" is well underway. America produces nothing. America consumes too much. America kills without justification. America is sick. And by the simple law of cause-and-effect, America will pay for her sins.

And the 21st century will confirm what history has always confirmed: a government that neither informs nor protects its citizens from their worst, all-too-human impulses: greed, stupidity, hypocrisy and hubris -- is destined to drown in its own blood.