On your children's Soylent Green future...

Soylent Green is coming down faster now... And this chart helps explains why.

As long as there's someone or something to exploit for profit without exploding or collapsing the system, then Wall Street can keep the lid on. And boobus americanus can merrily borrow his house, car, flat TV and razor video-phone.

But instead of inheriting a house and other assets, boobus' relatives will find a mountain of debt and all real assets reverting to the bank. In other words, there is a 100% Inheritance Tax (as I advocate) -- only not on Sam Wal's children -- just on you and yours.

But can personal debt, controlled inflation, Middle East oil and Asian worker exploitation support obscene Wall Street/Abrahamoff profit indefinitely?

Ask Iran. Ask Latin America. Ask Nigeria. Ask the Palestinians. Ask Al Queda. Their answer is not the same as George W Bush's. So we invade their countries and assinate their leaders in favor of our puppets. Nice work if you have the stomach for it.

Then there's our relentlessly disintegrating environment. What ends this bloated, rotting from the inside, empire first -- terrorists or the biosphere itself? Will it matter?


I have enough today; I've grown tired spinning a treadmill in a little cubicle; I'd like to stop -- spend the rest of my days running trails with my doggie, restoring my granite 1890 home, and imagining a world where people treat each other with kindness and respect instead of as objects for exploitation. Animus. Animal. I'm sick of it.

But alas I can't seem to stop and neither I fear can you. The ever larger numbers (housing, fuel, medicine, insurance) simply won't let me. I'm a slave (OK an indentured servant) to the "American Dream" and as I age I find I'm perhaps less happy about having it than I was about maybe never getting it in 1977 when the Sex Pistols voiced my disenchantment and rage.

So in 1980 I started voting Republican. Now I wonder if collapse (or destruction) wouldn't have been preferable to the fake sunshine of inflation, debt and environmental degradation propping up the status quo for 'lo these 25 years.

Like Voltaire I wonder which is best: the best of all possible worlds or no world at all? I guess it depends on how obviously fake the sunshine is. Just how naked is our emperor. Is George W. Bush as naked as our emperor can get? I only hope so.

Finally, if China, Russia or Japan ever adds itself to President Retard's Axis of Evil, then boobus americanus collectivus will be forced to see how utterly fucked it really is. Then our world's problems won't just belong to thoughtful liberals any more. And that dear friends, will mark the beginning of WWIII.

Until then, just keep repeating... "They hate us for our freedom."