Too stupid to know the difference...

In case you didn't know, China is working to not need the U.S. market. I have said this many times in the past, but you may have forgotten. The U.S. is old, fat and top-heavy -- not young dynamic and willing to adapt or sacrifice any more... I repeat this mantra over and over -- which you are probably aware.

And when China no longer needs the U.S. market, it will float (revalue in dollars) the yuan -- and you will need $100 to fill your SUV tank and $10 to buy a loaf of bread. Unemployment will be 20% as domestic consumption crashes -- but that still won't stop the inflation due to the need to continuously beg China, Japan, et al to finance the $70T U.S. debt (when Social Security and Medicare costs really kick in over the next 40 years).

But, on its present course: the U.S. just sucks the oil pipe dry (imports) and then tries to finagle over-priced, high-end, business deals (exports) -- because the U.S. is now so stupid it thinks no one else on this planet knows how to count money.

So the U.S. is doomed!

But as usual Todd has the solution... (Note I use the word War repeatedly to describe it -- the American Retard likes that word.)

  1. Stop sucking on the oil pipe -- WAC: War Against Consumption.

  2. Convert to renewable fuels that do not send $1T per year to our competitors and (worse) stated enemies -- WAFF: War Against Fossil Fuel.

  3. Sell our new wonderful, sustainable way of life to the rest of the planet -- something it might actually want to buy. WFSP: War For Sustainable Planet.

In summary, the U.S. should be the arbiter of the world's salvation, not the harbinger of its destruction. Of course, this will never happen, because the average American is just too stupid to see it even as simply as I have just explained it.

That is all.