The End of The Road

I know where the end of road is...

But I have no intention of telling you because there is a fox den there, and there are fully six healthy pups, not more than ten minutes from my home.

My favorite pup, Henry (that's my Pomeranian) and I have dubbed "Curious George."  And I hope he makes it in this world -- because he (like we) seems fascinated by things worth being fascinated by -- that is by living things that mean no harm to any other living thing and seek only to understand and to love beauty, self-regulation, and adaptability - i.e. nature - i.e. existence itself.

Which brings me to Capitalism - i.e. to me and to you.

Capitalism is morally evil, because it is fundamentally a lie. Capitalism presupposes that capital is evenly distributed - i.e. that each human participant in the system possesses an equal chance to "succeed" and that each "succeeds" on his/her merits. But that is simply not the case. If it were the case, what argument would there be for "inheritance" of capital and property?  In other words, what need would there be for George (the Retard/Shrub) Bush to "inherit" the Presidency of the United States of America -- TWICE.

You see, we live in a rigid class system, even as we pledge allegiance to classlessness. In other words, I have little Capital.  And you have little Capital.  And a very small number of people have and control all of the rest -- which is substantial -- and the transfer is selective -- which is to say it will never be yours or mine.  No fucking way!

Yet each day, we pledge allegiance to that (corporate) flag, believing that because we can go to a gym, go to a restaurant or a bar, stream a song or a porno, that we are somehow "free."

In other words, "Capitalism" is the process whereby those who control capital and the ability to manufacture it have led us to confuse "masturbation" with "freedom."

We have two choices:
1. Violence -- and I do not advocate this. After all, Homeland Security would place me in chains and send me to Guantanamo.
2. Withholding -i.e. to STRIKE.  And this is the route I favor.  As Marx said, we, the workers -- we, the exploited -- we, the "believers" -- must rise up, stop believing, stop masturbating and withhold our capital - i.e our labor.

Because without our labor, the Capitalists are nothing.  And the Death Star, the sewer of exploitation, that we call modern life, would implode -- Colony Collapse Disorder.  And not doing this is how we have failed ourselves and every subsequent generation like ourselves.

So let us walk to the end of each of our roads.  Let us dream of tomorrow.  For the children's sake, let us sacrifice today by suppressing the masturbatory impulse broadcast 24x7 into our homes.  And let us begin anew.  Like the fox and her pups, it is a new day.  It is a new year.   It is anew.


Anonymous said…
You should cancel your Cable and Internet and start living what you are preaching.

Nobody wants to listen to a hypocrite. You are but a noisy gong. Doing nothing but destroying the very social fabric that socitety has in place. Nothing is perfect my friend so get use to it.
Todd Ryder said…
How am I a hypocrite, big jon? Because I save money even as my paycheck erodes? Because I live in, restore, and recycle a big old house? Because I work for the military-industrial-complex?

Maybe I'm a hypocrite for some/all of these things. But what I am not is a resistor to the necessary social and political changes that must occur for human beings to survive. Whereas you merely goose-step and 4-wheel in unison with other consumers -- with "FREEDOM IS UNTIDY" (Donald Rumsfeld) emblazoned on your bumper stickers.

In other words, I may be not much better than you. But your way guarantees death while my only hope is transformation and life.

And this is the REAL difference between us.
Anonymous said…
So explain Bill Clinton. He was a poor, and yes I mean poor, boy from Arkansas. He made it on his own, without the help of family wealth. His only fault was thinking with the wrong head, but even Thomas Jefferson did that.
Todd Ryder said…
Clinton is a sell out. The only thing you've noticed is he wasn't BORN sold out. BFD. BTW, Hillary is worse. Republicans=Pigs; Hillary=Miss Piggy Lite (maybe Dark).
Todd Ryder said…
I love the way people practice relativism: my president sucks, yes, but compared to YOURS, mine was GREAT! I mean that is no way to compare anything except various flavors of shit. Time to drain the septic system (Wall Street) or (hopefully) just live to see it all fall over -- under the sticks and stones of the permanent human cretin population it has spawned!
Todd Ryder said…
In other words, eventually those without hope (but having breath) finally go after the ones that put them and keep them there. See Darwin.
Todd Ryder said…
People think I hate America. But this could not be farther from the truth. In Iran, I would be jailed for my views. In Russia, I might be killed for them. I love America!

Yet I find more and more every day that I am fighting the same corrosive (sell out) cynicism inherent (DNA) in Washington and Wall Street. When, in an advanced society there should simply be no tolerance for inequity and injustice on any level.

In other words, all men are NOT created equal! And it is humankind's moral and ethical responsibility to solve this dichotomy -- and to invent a sustainable way of living.

But instead as I age, I am becoming sicker and more tired that my "leaders" instead exploit human dichotomies -- to become and to remain powerful. This is not Democratic. It is totalitarian. It is fascist thinking.

In other words, corruption, innate or otherwise, on my part or the part of others, simply reviles me.

And here I exorcise my demons.

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