God, Save America. Rapture Bush Now!

Congratulations America!  The Surge is working!  America's $2 Trillion (conservative estimates) Iraq war is finally working: No Peace.  No coalition government.  U.S. military deaths nearing 4000.  Iraqi civilian deaths as high as 650,000.  Iraqi refugees numbering perhaps 2,000,000.  Army broken.  Navy broke.  Air Force training to become the infantry.

I mean, how much more victory can we take?

  • Oil nearing $100/barrel.
  • Dollar trading below the Canadian Looney and by next year might be worth less than 100 yen.
  • Home values falling rapidly toward 2002 (maybe 2000, maybe -- who knows?) levels.
  • Our Navy can't dock in Hong Kong Harbor.
  • Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, Xia Bin, et al. -- publicly taunt and openly challenge our dry-drunk, drug-addled, drooling-imbecile President.
  • Mercantilist U.S. Arab allies (whose oil fields and shipping lanes we sacrifice blood and treasure to defend)  openly jawbone no longer denominating oil in USD -- at least when they're not buying up major interests in the US banking system (every smart pusher knows you keep even the most hopeless addict alive -- until don't need him).
  • Rove quit and Cheney, the remaining brains behind the operation, can't leave the White House grounds without jumper cables for his pacemaker.

Yes, I've experienced enough success under the Bush administration to last a lifetime!  Any more and America's next generation (already learning Mandarin in record numbers) should prepare for careers shoveling shit on a Chinese dung heap, where Health Care consists of picking your open sores with broken shards of pottery.

Yes, I love the smell of the Bush Presidency in the morning, it smells like "I Told you so..."