Funniest newspaper headline of the day: SHAZAM! (Boston Herald) printed over a picture of Mike Huckabee after his Iowa Republican caucus win.

Now for some of you maybe a Gomer Pyle reference is before your time… But when I heard the story on CNBC this morning -- I honestly had to laugh.   How incredibly disrespectful is that?  At least Sex On The City (NY Post headline describing official NY City security details for Rudy’s mistress) was true.

It’s amazing how much Republican elites hate Huckabee (Ron Paul too for that matter), even as he even espouses Steve Forbes' absurdly oxymoronic fair/flat/consumption tax!?  So if their core hates Huckabee that much, then he's OK by me.

Reagan after all, for all of his legacy's working class persecution, always seemed a generally decent human being.  I see Huckabee from that same "America's simplest generation" mold.  And while I'll never understand that world view... Compared to Guiliani?  Compared to "a noun, a verb and 911?" (Joe Biden). 

Compared to a hedge-fund robot like Mitt Romney?  As Huckabee says about Romney, "...he doesn't look like a guy you work with.  He looks like the the guy that laid you off!"

Compared to Droopy, the sad, tired, old neo-clown, John McCain?  McCain!?  WTF!?  Should I seriously care that a guy was a POW in 20,000 BC?  Who needs another 70-something President napping during CIA security briefs with titles like “Bin Laden determined to attack U.S. -- WITH AIRPLANES!”  "HEY!"  "WAKE UP JOHN!"  "America is under attack!"  Just when you thought we couldn't possibly do worse than My Pet Goat!  PLEASE!  NO!  John McCain's moment -- was 30 years ago.

But seeing America elect a black first family -- PRICELESS! I just hope they don't have to spend the rest of their lives as zoo animals in bullet-proof enclosures.  Seriously, it really does give me hope!  If America can elect a hopeful American -- and not assassinate him -- over Bill and Hillary Bush, then I can at least rethink my default position on it sucking so much!