His Imperial Flatulence

Attention, Senator John McCain:

Why do you want to be President of the United States?  You would be 72 years old?!  That, and from my vantage, your candidacy represents a third term in the tragically failed Bush presidency consisting of: preemptive war, corrupt, perpetual economic hegemony and elitism -- in the form of tax cuts -- for Americans least in need of more.

You are an American War Hero.  But Vietnam and Iraq have proven that selective war is the wrong tool to implement government policy.  And worse, war in general manifests latent evil and corruption in society and government alike.  Thus, Mr. McCain, while I acknowledge that you suffered greatly for this nation in captivity -- that suffering has apparently galvanized you with a jingoistic patriotism capable of exporting torture, blithely accepting atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and perverting the U.S. Constitution, under which I too served in uniform, into a kind of supply-side, Soviet-style, State-sanctioned plan, complete with perpetual, undemocratic minority rule, Gulags, prisons, torture, surveillance and secret police.

As you contort humanistic impulses like immigration reform to engender the support of the Republican party's Fascist base, you erroneously distill two centuries of American achievement into three awful tenets: War, Empire and Status Quo.  And although wrong-headed idealism is obviously not your invention, in America, on the Far Right, it has been elevated to religion, commingling, distorting and displacing the innate human values and dignity inherent in the Christian gospel.  Such is the base to which you pander to win an election.

And if you win, then yours will be a government of the old and the rich, by the old and the rich, for the old and the rich.  100 years.  1000 years.  1000000 years.  I hope that long before your insane occupation timetables expire, that your flatulent, flaccid, chicken-hawk, wrong war, wrong time, simply wrong delusions of an American Empire, sustained by blood sacrifice, will be long extinct.