Joe American Idiot

They won't post my Joe America comments on, so I have posted them here...

Iraq OWES us...

Just what does Iraq owe us for?

  • Because we INVADED their country?!
  • Because we KILLED six hundred thousand innocent Iraqis?!
  • Because we DISPLACED four and one half million Iraqis – now refugees -- that fled to escape the violence and death we either perpetrated or unleashed in their homeland?!
  • Because we made SADAM HUSSEIN look like a good leader?!

Iraq OWES us for that?!

It's time to face reality, Joe America. 

The U.S. does not own this planet and this planet owes the U.S. nothing!

So stop boring the rest of the planet with your, "pull my finger" flatulent, pot-bellied, high-cholesterol, diabetic, jingoistic, trickle-down Capitalism already!

It's time to admit that Capitalism (er... I mean Democracy) at gunpoint is a failure.  And just what about the word failure don't you understand, Joe?

In the end, it seems we just don’t have enough American men and women ready, willing and able to die -- so the U.S. can attain a low cost oil supply.  You see, Joe, on this planet, to steal another country's oil, you need boots on the ground -- lots of them in order to keep the derricks pumping and the pipelines flowing.  And we just don't have them -- at least not willingly.  And we just can't afford the cost of mercenaries like Blackwater.  And with our shoddy, corrupt and exploitive record, we just can't win a battle of ideas with the rest of the world, which -- surprisingly to most Americans apparently --  objects to theft.

Face it, Joe!  America, as most of us perceive it, is in decline.  Our failed Iraq War is heading for its sixth birthday.  And Guess what?  Iran won!  And now Iran gets to have THE BOMB too -- which arguably it needs to protect itself from impending U.S. and Israeli attack, if for no other reason.

Much as you hate advice, Joe.  Here's some anyway: SHUT UP!  Go on a diet.  Learn to pay market price -- presently ~$135/barrel -- like everybody else.  Or go without -- e.g. by switching to windmills, solar panels, plug in cars, etc.

But then we all not-so-secretly know that Alternative Energy will never be implemented substantially in this country…   Because Big Oil and Big Utilities and Big Corporate Everything simply don't want it!  Because sustainability and individual empowerment means less profit for them.  And when it comes right down to it, America is their country, Joe -- not yours, not mine, not ours.

Thus the truth, Joe, is that your hope for a better future, like the one you and your father -- as workers -- might have had, but squandered to the Right, lies in this country somehow ending its losing wars to steal the natural resources of sovereign nations;  In ending the killing of innocents;  In voting to weaken U.S. corporate/government fascism;  In voting to dissolve Big Brother's Wall Street Cabal;  In voting to disempower the Washington insiders that began stealing this country in earnest under Reagan, then gradually hollowed it to little more than a rotting, crumbling shell under Bush. 

Yes, Joe America, your only hope is in demanding the dissolution of the Soviet Union of America!  In waking up while there is perhaps still time, to demand... "Mr. Bush, Tear Down This Wall!"