Comfortably Numb?

All men are created equal... - Thomas Jefferson

You own the banks and we pay the mortgages.

You control billions and leave us holding plastic cards.

You are bailed out and our capacity to sustain perpetual hopelessness foots the bill.

You own every asset and every government as we struggle to survive in the marketplace.

You own the factories and your salt, cholesterol and medicine courses through our veins.

But as long as your magic screen glows: blue, orange then green...  distracting us with stories of octuplets and single mothers with fourteen children, in every dwelling, on every night, in America...

Then we at least share something.

...the single goal of the industrial economy, from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, has been the highest possible margin of profit.  That is to say that its single motive has been greed.  The economy justifies itself as a sequence of innovations that it calls "progress."  But it is progress for the sake of the biggest possible profit.  Industrialism [corporatism] is the most effective system ever devised for the concentration of wealth and power.  Its most characteristic "progress" has been the increasing ability to concentrate wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands.
- Wendell Berry