Week in Review: Imagine how much worse it might have been otherwise…


Gail Collins’ piece is utterly and unequivocally brilliant!  One of the best I’ve read in the ‘Times since Dick Cavett’s memo to General David Patraeus.

It’s  a riff (I suspect) on a recent Barney Frank comment, when Bernanke was testifying before Congress recently... mostly about what a wonderful job he did to a.) help Greenspan wreck America with easy credit then b.) how his Fed saved it by bailing out Goldman Sachs!

Franks's response (paraphrased): "Chairman Bernanke, I'm a politician and feel I must tell you that no one ever got re-elected on the slogan: 'Imagine how much worse things might have been otherwise!'"

So (again) here's my favorite quote this year –from  Adbusters.org #82 -- “Endgame Strategies”:  "When the plane's in trouble, it's no use shooting the pilot.  You need a parachute!"


In short, never lose your sense of humor.  But most importantly, never stop working on that parachute!