Glenn Beck, Guardian of the American Way of Life

And the only problem is that Glenn Beck’s American Way of Life is today a sewer pumping effluent and debt down the throats of ninety-nine percent of the citizens of planet Earth, including the Unites States of America.  It is a toxic dream machine, relying on advertising and corporate political manipulation to prey upon humanity’s collective unconscious for the near exclusive benefit of oil sheiks, CEOs and Wall Street parasites.

You’re right about one thing, Mr. Beck.  The battle is us versus them.  But it’s also us versus us.  And our planet and any civilized way of life on it is doomed so long as the majority refuses to mutually and simultaneously join both battles.

Old lady and young reporter at Glenn Beck’s 912/tea-bag rally in DC…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: So you're saying if the government eliminates Social Security and Medicare then you'll get out of the program?

WOMAN: No, I said if they get out of my life.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Out of your Social Security and-

WOMAN: No, out of everything.

OK then, old-selfish-pig-hypocrite-lady!  I guess it’s time to take our checks back then (taxes paid by young people to benefit old people).  And I say we start with YOU!