Life in Wartime

Buffet is not (directly) investing in America. Buffet is indirectly investing in America as he upgrades his investment in supplying COAL to China.

So wise up!  Because this is life in wartime!

  • Convert your dollars to Aussie, etc. economies that have a future -- that are or export to China/BRIC and (most importantly) run budget surpluses.   The future belongs to savers not debtors.
  • Be in America, but not of America -- be an elite, educated, competitive citizen of the New World Order.  Because, while no one was paying attention, America became an old, white fat, stupid, Christian, Armageddon, in-denial, profligate "democracy" that only a (unlikely) plague wiping out old people (and their $100 TRILLION in unfunded liability) could cure.

Healthcare cannot cure America. Carbon Neutral cannot cure America. Financial Reform might help tremendously (but will never happen so why consider).  In the end only default (on virtually all future financial obligations) will cure America.   Stay out of the way of this coming default -- and you may survive.  Or move to another country before it happens.  Or learn to squat/barter/fix-things and to survive in the world as it is and will become – not as you imagine it based on your childhood memories.

Now and in future, for the average working American, “America” means survival.  The same survival as in "Slum Dog" India, China, Brazil and Russia.  Wake up American "Slum Dog" and smell your future!

Finally, if you want to blame someone, blame Ronald Reagan, the Founding Father of Credit Card, Trickle-Down America.   Then consider yourself lucky you outlived White, Dimwit, Midwest, Christian, In-Denial optimism.  At least now the blinders are off.  At least now you can see your real future.

You have been warned!