Weed King


Wiping my anus, washing my face and brushing my teeth are such "burdensome" tasks -- I think I'll exhibit a "freedom body" as well as a "freedom lawn!"

Duh!  Oh!  That's right.  A "freedom body" quickly becomes diseased and short-lived.  But a "freedom lawn" -- well that's only a burden to the neighbors (as apparently Mr. Wright lacks a gardener’s conscience).

But -- in spring/summer at least -- I suspect he is dubbed KING ASS of his neighborhood.

As one who suffers beside such a neighbor, I implore readers: PLEASE DON’T BE THIS GUY! If you don't want to tend your grass lawn then, by all means, take it out and replace it with something requiring less maintenance (e.g. xeri/landscaping) -- but something equally aesthetically appealing and socially acceptable (as maintained blue/bermuda grass).  Meanwhile, you're ruining your own neighborhood -- for your neighbors – and that just makes you a SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, DISRESPECTFUL ASS!