Come on little gamma ray…

Peasants have been suffering in one way or another in a world of fear for 10K years.

I too am a peasant, but one not stupid/deluded enough to create another unhappy, exploitable copy of myself. And if I somehow accidentally did, would (I hope) never be stupid enough to fantasize that somehow the future (magically) works out for it.

In other words, until we STOP paying attention and start thinking (and acting) for ourselves, the Glenn Becks (Ronald Reagans and Barack Obamas) of the world remain cultural deities and we remain serfs dutifully insuring their power over us under an inherently corrupt hierarchy we politely oblige.  In short, they clearly at this point underestimate us, but that’s no excuse for our overestimating them.

Thus, the only solution to stopping Glenn Beck (status quo) is arguably intelligent anarchism.  For example, (unpalatable but)  imagine a world where every Glenn Beck hater simultaneously self immolated.  The "system" presided over by Fox News et al (for want of fixers and sufferers and exploitees) would soon collapse and there would be no more Glenn Becks.   Absent that, let's all raise a toast to masturbating in the wind!  Hear Hear!

As Beck (Hansen) sings (just now spooled across the iTunes DJ playlist) "Come on little gamma ray..."

That (lyrical intention) remains my prayer for today: Come on, Mr. Sun, please explode this instant and clean up the one (as far as we know) tumor of delusion in an otherwise perfect (perfectly indifferent) universe.  Even Don Draper knows the truth – and he’s not even real.