Questions for Rep. Paul Ryan, U.S. House of Representatives, appearing on CNBC SquawkBox 6/20/2011…

Why does a “welfare state” (Ryan’s phrase) like Germany have lower unemployment, higher prosperity, healthier exports, greater longevity and generally higher OECD scoring across the board versus the United States?  When, by Rep Ryan’s definition, Germany should be a “basket case”, like Greece.  Why isn’t it?

Why does Rep Ryan’s budget plan “grandfather” current and near future seniors (80% registered to vote) when massive spending cuts are so desperately and immediately demanded by his own calculus?  In other words, why cut my (age 49) future health and retirement entitlement, which I’ve paid in excess of $100K to fund and not cut that of the 80% registered to vote elder population that on average paid less to fund the benefits its receiving?  In short, why is it OK to push me off the cliff tomorrow and not push granny off that same cliff today?  Savings are savings, right?  The answer in my view is that Paul Ryan and his party also engages in “Robin Hood” economics, only theirs benefits the elder population that’s 80% registered to vote?

At what level does Rep Ryan believe the functions of the U.S. government are properly funded?  20% of GDP?  10% of GDP?  The reality is that U.S. government revenue as a percentage of GDP has been mostly falling for thirty years, yet the economy has rarely been worse, more imbalanced across all income strata and less competitive internationally.  In short, “trickle down”, neocon, Reaganomics (tax cuts primarily benefiting the top, endless wars and subsidies primarily benefiting aging, white, 80% registered, Republican voters) has failed!  How much longer does Mr. Ryan intend to defend failure as solution?