Krugman is Right

Paul Krugman is right!  I am convinced of that now.   The “market” has simply overvalued people like the Koch Bros and Carlos Slim while dramatically undervaluing YOU and ME—the real economy!  One Percent (media) manipulation of fear and hopelessness, not capital or debt, is a/the root cause of this Depression.

Simply put, Society has severely erred for decades, awarding far too much capital to far too few people of the WRONG (antisocial) type.  But that seems so incredibly easy to fix, democratically…

Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke might start by threatening the .01 percent with trillions of unsterilized dollars funding public spending and enterprise--to lever current market panic to generate vast, essential social liquidity to offset private sector unemployment.  I expect substantially greater private investment in employment would follow any credible (99.99%) threat to revalue oligarchy.