I am Jesus of the Landfill! (And So Can You)

I have recently convinced myself the best thing to recommend Statism/Totalitarianism is that, finally, this I/me/magic/snowflake/divine LIE might end.  That the consumer lie (ephemeral consumption is good if it makes us feel good) at the heart of our present crises could end.

But can one truly be emancipated from self indulgence?  Free from the insane compulsion to self identify (even through violence) under mass production/consumption?   Free from the capitalist imperative to simultaneously compete and win against every other living thing?

Religion, and more vaguely politics, offers acolytes a promise to this sort of freedom, but in an intellectually false, intolerable way.
If we are God’s unwanted children, then so be it!” –tyler durden

The true fan transcends fandom and does it himself.” –Clem Burke, drummer, Blondie
Arguably then, the true citizen transcends himself, poverty, even rotten culture, to lead a thoughtful and humble life in service to something/anything larger (maybe even restoring an old house).  Lately, I call this: Revenge Of The Poor or The Ultimate Revenge, as in “an interesting life is the ultimate revenge.”