Last Farewell Ride…


Attention Tea Party/Conservatives:

Your Pistol Packing Moron dream that you (and your Pistol Packing Moron friends) can kill--or "revolution"--your way to a world with more resources for yourselves is the sole reason you should be first on the Drone Kill List.   Good riddance to you and your subhuman fetish for violence, once and for all…

Attention Marxist/Liberals:

Your silly, naive dream that people can "love" away hate and "justice" our way to Earth stewardship—in the face of the globe destroying parasites we call humans--has failed!   Hope Has Failed.  If for no other reason than because, as any undergraduate biologist/naturalist knows, a too dominant species first crowds, then undermines, and finally collapses its niche (Earth in this case)…  It's only a matter of when, not if, now!  So just stop lying to yourself and to everyone else!

For Example:

Egypt is averaging, what?, two "Revolutions" per year, now?!  Do things look better in Egypt?!   No, because no amount of revolutions makes any difference going forward.  No amount of revolutions can ever restore this planet, not to where those earliest cave artist/dwellers (culture’s first optimists) found it--whole, perfect, majestic, fecund with new possibilities and negligible in ruthless, life-or-death, competition.


Instead, it seems best now to accept that those (whole Earth) generations are just too far behind us.  That history has truly ended, but not  as Fukuyama imagined.  That irrational, all-too-human, hope must die, and soon, before it's too late to even slow down enough and get sane enough to enjoy this, Last Farewell Ride...


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