My response to the sick, fake, entitled, anti-work, anti-Trump, anti-ownership, anti-white tripe pedalled by Saul David Alinsky and the democrat party in America, is My Dad.

My dad was born in Billings, Montana in 1941. He had one shorter leg and wore an orthotic. Yet he would hoe sugar beet fields every summer from age 11 and bought his first car, a Ford Fairlane, that way.
In 1959, he got on at The Billings Refinery as a payroll clerk, writing and running payroll and inventory software, from punch cards to the internet, for 38 years.
When my dad retired $XOM offered a pension or cash value. The cash value was $983,000.
What has happened in America since then is that working people, like my dad and me, have been exploited, manipulated and denigrated into making a choice between the Saved and the Unsaved.
And we blame people like you.
How can you blame us?
You have turned Work into crypto-racism, crypto-sexism and crypto-fascism. You have made us feel ashamed and guilty for our own human aspirations.
And someday, I hope you get what you deserve for it.