The Glory of Rome

Pax Romana

As black to white tiles
The reality of the serpent
More crafty than animals The Lord God made
Runs parallel to our reality
As its sarcophagus.

The Deep State binds
News of the World!
As strands of DNA to a serpent's intention
That separates us from
Intentional existence.

black mirror
Is turned upon:
Ten Lost Tribes of Samaria and
Scythians who should be
Calling the points of One star.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's
Covenant with his people
Cannot stay unfulfilled
Not by dreams and magic
Or rivers of blood.

1116 = 9
3,6,9 the golden ratio
666 The Way. The Truth. The Life (viseon) and the light (photon)
1116 AD

Deus ex machina
Artifacts come to being through acts of: creation, divination or codification.
If every solution to every problem exists in quantum space have we divined or encoded God?
They simulate crime, riot, insurrection, terrorism and war through media, but it's just a solution in quantum space, never a real world outcome, until and unless we acquiesce to its spell.
Thus, we are free to blithely disregard an NWO reality show in the same way it disregarded our local needs and failed to project our innate truth for 100 years.

Amor Fati
Dominus Mundus
Nothing is in the truth; everything is in the method -Heiner Müller
The Seven Mountains of Influence are mine, saith The Lord
Their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.
Ask me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

The Third Temple is Aryan not Bolshevist or Zionist.
But our mother is a diverse tribe.
There is no race war!
Hitler was basically CIA.
Jan 6 was just bad stage play.

Our Jew is Nietzsche's: corrupt businessmen and politicians, sadists, pimps, pushers, traffickers...
And we do not acquiesce to them destruction of the most beautiful culture the world has ever known!
Has our ancient blood not proven this by now?

We are the New Jerusalem of egalitarian free enterprise.
You are the liars, peddlers, swindlers, baal worshippers, buggers and savages of the world's worst ideas.

And if one of the Romans adjure me by the great name of the power Eleéth, I disappear at once
-Testament of Solomon

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