FuckA Jew Garbage Boy Now Baby FuckA Jew Garbage Boy

Temperature's dropping at the rotten oasis
Stealing kisses from the lepers' faces

Pistols are pointing at a poor man's pockets
Smiling eyes are ripping out of his sockets

Hitching a ride with the bleeding noses
Coming to town with your brief case blues

Got a Devil's haircut in my mind...

The Jewish Problem

This isn't Jews. This is just Satan and The Jews are behind it... So... same difference.
Catholic Church
Three Cities: Rome, London, NYNY
Bolsheviks, Democrats and RINOs, again, same difference
AMA, ABA, Chambers of Commerce
Freemasons (one or more "temples" in every little town)
CIA, DHS, TLAs (every three letter agency) in general
Black/white mafia (pimps, dealers and the FBI/CIA that pays the best and money making criminals as Confidential Informants)
Corrupt cops who used to do God's work, from those Masonic temples, but now do far from it.
Your Congress, which sold you out before Lincoln with our entire "on paper" Federalized monetization system.
Parents who sacrifice, sell and exploit their own kids for money, fame or power.

If I don't steal it, someone else will will.
If I don't fuck it, tonight, someone else will.
If I can degrade or kill you, so much the better for me, especially if you're a goi (gentile).
Indirect harm is *not* a sin (Kabbalah).

So, yeah, this some Jew shit right here...
They might cut up your brain with lasers and that laser cooker ring eventually becomes male pattern baldness? It might be that damage is passed genetically or epigentically via mother's dna.
I would not be surprised. These devils are that fucked up.

Led Zeppelin I
Still better than your life...

Before thy Jew masters offend thee, they make sure you're all plucked out and a moron.
Mission Accomplished!