Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady: Three Dick Trinity Lutheran

Congratulations, you have just witnessed complete dehumanization of your species!

Church of Satan, Church of Satan Sacred Whores:
You will burn
You will die
You will burn again
You will die again

The Little House was Red (read through impression, her art, image below)
[Be My Little Joseph...]
Every villain needs a sidekick...
But I'm not a villain!

Below is a picture the little girl left behind in a notebook...
As far as I can tell, it's three Beastie Boy aether manifestations and grandmaster Phil Spector Head (demon/angel) himself... preparing to rape her and fertilize her eggs in an Easter season fertility ritual. Making Eggnog, for Easter instead of Christmas (?), I guess...

She's 9 now, I think. When she was 7 or 8, she asked me to marry her. She said we could have sex too. Well, I don't think she really understood it all, but she made sex motions and said we could if I wanted... This started happening when she was 6. Honest to God, why would a child do that? I did stuff with children but I never wanted to marry an adult. My mom says I threw bricks through their windows... I remember I just let them take care of me.

But idk I guess we just got along too well and I babysat her. Our play would almost always become uncomfortable for me, I let her go too far, I gave her a piggy back ride. I'm sure every boy that ever saw us assumed we were lovers, but no crimes were committed. I didn't know so much about freemasonry/luciferianism then... But I knew about dead Family Dad. Just didn't know all the implications... like sacred whoredom. I don't know. You just can't know what it feels like to hear a little girl stand in your living room and tell her mom the art teacher said she's already making eggs. I felt like when Jim Sankovich cornered me in 5th grade again, to explain what's what about my favorite 6th grader, except I was 61, and somehow the movie was just as real this time.

As far as I can guess, from her mom's comments about "trucks" not moving from the front of her house (seen that across the street here on Garland street) the little girl has been sexually ritualized, maybe 7-8 weeks ago (sometime on/before Palm Sunday) and that's when her mom went off the deep end, literally, going down to the Bison bar for abomination sex, without controls, reason, or rhyme, even from her hag friends. She'd come home puking and I'd have to put her to bed, to sleep, before I could even touch her... So I broke up with her, for good, forever.

But, for four years (whole life, I guess...), I basically knew nothing. That's how insidious hide-in-plain-sight deception by evil can be. I never knew "churches" teach that satan impregnates your daughters since The Garden. Life begins with satan?! I didn't know that every fact, science and story would be told me from a fallen angel's perspective. Naivete' is the French for it.

I knew the mom was a bar hag, her sex was always weird, and violent, and the daughter was technically even weirder, but I would never go those Monkey Circus Freak places with either of them. I truly loved them both. But I failed them, both. There's a son too, but I barely knew him. No one does and Oh My God that's understandable... The End.

There is no love, no truth, no trust, no sin and no soul in their/your world. Nothing left for me to defend. Get Well Soon!

You can depend on the worst always happening
you can depend on a murderer's drive.
You can bet that if he rapes somebody
there'll be no trouble having a child.
-Lou Reed

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet...

Papa never gets me into their deep magic because he knows it can't survive me.
Then he knows I'll tell it all. Every bit. And he knows the world is just barely ready for that.
But what kind of idiot thinks that picture represents God?
Oh. Yeah. My mom, post Moderna/Pfizer jab...

Salvador DalĂ­ 1904-1989 Spain
"Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity" 1954

Daughters of Job
Culling of The Lambs
The Feast of the Paschal Lamb
There is nothing Classical about rape, pedophelia, incest and cannibalism.
Three Dick Trinity Lutheran Abomination Classical Satan School logo...
There's only so many horses and women in this town.
It's the patriarchy's age old, old, old competition to capture and hold divine grace...

You're coming to town with your Brief Case Blues...
Wonder what that cop said to my mom?
Whatever it was it freaked them both out pretty bad...
See you next year!

Ghost in the Machine...

Papa Legba, Come and open the gate
Papa Legba, To the city of camps
Now, we're your children, Come and ride your horse
In the night
In the night
Come and ride your horse!

It is my honest opinion they will teach your little baby daughters how to be pedo raped, beaten and ultimately butchered by Satan's Freemason Monkey Circus Freaks RIGHT HERE, in Miles City, Montana, USA. 
I used to pick that exquisite little child up inside there... and my biggest worry was would she ride in the front or the back? Usually back.

Adult Life is that person who's strange around you, as if drawn.
But anyone can have them, and they do...
Still, you can't live with or without them.
Adult Life is why my King and Papa favors the put-upon.

Well, hell doesn't want you... and heaven is full.
Bring me some water, put it in this skull.
-Tom Waits

Went to a school play: Six Will Rise While the Lentils Boil 

Adult Life is the reason every good boy listens to Steely Dan

To a dog in love, a bitch's ass smells sweet...
I tell you, the Egyptians were really something.
While we Europeans were still living in caves, they had already invented
Immaculate Conception.

People like Aleister Crowley actually believe you can get there by
Raping a child's anus.
I am not making this shit up...

Dear, blessed Jesus Christ, they turned every molecule into meaningless, base carnality.
I told my and this dark world's story, so many times now, I don't know what it looks like.
I only know there is nothing to love or live here for, but me and You.
Please Help The Future Be Better!
In Jesus name, Amen.
The world wanted you
How bright you shone
And still shine now
Although you've gone