The Armageddon President...

So he goes on TV. For once he doesn't look quite as stupid as usual. But it's the same tired story:
1. More tax cuts for the rich who don't need any more money.
2. Carving out private accounts from Social Security so it becomes even less solvent.
3. The middle class takes up the slack:  his "progressive indexing" proposal places ANYONE with retired income above $55K in the SAME category (i.e. the TOP bracket for progressive benefit indexing).  Yes it's true.  If you earn $50K/year in retirement, then your just as rich as someone earning $5M -- per W's C-student calculus.  I'll say one thing: the man has an amazing amount of straight-faced gall!
3. Another $100 Billion for Iraq.  All so Chalibi can become the next Hussein. But we could have had HIM $200 Billion ago!  BTW, could someone please remind me again what we are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc.?  And why do we spend more on National Defense (aka WAR) than all other nations on Earth combined...  Oh yeah, "...fightin 'em thar so we don't have to fight 'em har..." Good luck with that one George. But if we ever really do have to fight to "preserve" our bloated, over-consuming way of life, then may the final battle of Armageddon occur in Crawford Texas!

I could go on.  What 's the point.  I'm short the stock market. I'm ahead.  But a LOT of people are down, and they're scared.  My dad is scared.  So scared he recently asked for my advice regarding this "offer" he obtained to place his life savings in an annuity with a whopping 3.65% return, "guaranteed" for 20 years.  The only problem is:  he could get a 1 year CD TODAY paying 3.6%, so why would he tie up everything for 20 years at today's pathetic short term cash rate.  But that's how scared people are now.


George Bush is so evil and so stupid that he makes people even MORE afraid of the future.  Oil goes up.  Investments go down.  Jesus returns?  I hope so, because the world as we know it simply can't take much more George Bush.

Todd Ryder