Burning Fossil Fuel is like living in caves - only we haven't stopped doing it yet!

Earth Day 2005 came and went.

Spring shined warmly yesterday as my little doggie and I ran Mount Helena.

But it snowed on George Bush's plans to demagogue (about CLEAN AIR of all things) in the Great Smoky Mountains and the trip was cancelled (...mysterious ways).

But then again...

Goodbye polar bears and penguins.
Hello desert.
A LOT of desert.

All of which brings us to this week's Hall of Shame

Senator James Inhofe - Republican - Oklahoma - for his Sentate address that Global Warming is a hoax.

House Majority Leader Tom Delay:
JESUS, please come back and punish this man.

And here's another cute jib-jab knockoff about W's Social Security "reform" agenda.

And finally, what more could I possibly add.

Todd Ryder