Blood on Desert Sand

$800B Federal budget deficit (this year alone). $1 Trillion U.S. dollars printed to buy a civil war in Iraq. Every mother holding her breath, praying these insidious, evil Fools do not find a way to institute a military draft -- to send more children to die for their insidious, evil folly, for their insidious, evil barrels of oil.

I confess I actually voted for The Fool in 2000. But by 2004, I would rather have voted for Mickey Mouse. And now it seems every American polled espouses this view. Well, citizens, I'm afraid you're more than a year too late. And today our best films can do little more than quote Shakespeare. For the problem is not in our stars, but in ourselves...

Yet amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth, my fervent hope is that every hard working, honest, and well intentioned person on this planet (and I believe there are far more of us than them) can somehow understand that life's highest aspiration is not to feel good, but to be good -- to stand for something larger than the frail, the weak and the pathetic self.

So let us begin a new day and a new way by ending this insidious, evil Iraq/Afghanistan war. Now! This day! This hour! This minute! Then let us bring to justice every lying instigator, every profiteer, every merchant of blood.

Masturbatory consumption sustains only exploitation and death. Evil begets evil. Love. Tolerance. Peace. Sacrifice. All else is dust. Blood on desert sand.