I mostly lecture about morality in my blogs -- about the futility and vanity of feeling good relative to the moral and ethical superiority of being good. But, as Nietzsche said in 1890 and Ayn Rand reiterated to Alan Greenspan's generation, GOD IS DEAD.  Because I believe this, why can't I accept that ideals like charity and responsibility are just my dime store prism on Bible verses I memorized during the ecumenical indoctrination of my youth?  In America the high road increasingly leads to the cross, literally or metaphorically.

In other words, I need only turn on the television to feel like a Loser with a capital L;  Have-not road-kill for the haves -- who know what it really takes to win in America.

Anyway, that's how I feel this gray Saturday afternoon... America, founded on noble and egalitarian principles, has today metastasized to a libertine capitalist insane asylum: evil and (I not so secretly hope) doomed.  You see, the owner of the open field across from my 1890 granite mansion (another anachronism) on the beautiful, natural, and once ignored west end of Helena has erected a FOR SALE sign.    And I am compelled again to individualism, albeit with a familiar credo: "live as well as possible as far outside the mainstream as possible." After all, the mainstream in America is incapable of living within its means. The economics will surely worsen.

Thus I implore anyone reading this to reach beyond hopeless American values like "net worth" which, excepting owners of gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate, are cruel jokes that haves play on have-nots -- flood marks rising annually as another 102 people become billionaires.  Being a nameless, faceless "believer" -- in their system, in any system -- from America's vast but shrinking middle increasingly feels like exploitation from both sides.