Probably, I am an Anarchist

I now realize I am less a socialist than an anarchist.

I still admire, or perhaps even love, the idea of socialism, first because it eschews private property/capital (collectivism) but mostly because it favors the utter destruction (nihilism) of the ruling class (rich), which clearly is most responsible for the unhappy and precarious state of this planet. Surely no one could blame it on the poor.

An Introduction to Anarchism and click Listen Now – unfortunately it requires Real Player, at least under Firefox (though I think you can download it as an mp3).

Favorite quote “if voting could make any difference, then they would surely abolish it…” Heaven, to me, is quite simply the just and righteous end of them – in every shape and every guise. I have therefore concluded that at my core (and it has probably always been so): I despise groups. I despise governments. I despise authority. I despise everything that subverts my true will, ability and opportunity to understand myself and to search for meaning in this life. I desire, can, and do feel love. But I know it is impossible for a human to love unconditionally, much as at this moment it seems impossible to imagine how people can coalesce (organize) without simply compounding the damage.

At any rate, one must admit that anarchy has a far more likely future than socialism. For example, Jesus was a socialist, and look at the state of George Bush Christianity today. I also agree with the BBC speakers that there seems a pathology at work on this planet -- and it is clearly and inevitably leading to decentralization through the eventual collapse and failure – of every pathetic system (Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss…) based largely on one group (strong) exploiting another (weak) – And that the only sustainable human future not ending in a mushroom cloud requires finding the means to survive and even to thrive in precarity as opposed to pledging allegiance to one rotted or rotting ideology after another. I guess one might argue that anarchism is the political equivalent of the second law of thermodynamics, but where ideally the breakdown or dissolution of Hobbes’ Leviathan is disciplined, self-determined, intelligent, rigorously self-examined -- in a word: thoughtful.

People join herds because we are weak and pathetic. And the more pathetic we are, the more likely we are to join. You may quote me on this.