You win GRIZ!

Take a victory lap around the trailer park in your $45K diesel pickup with your $43K loan at 10.1%.  Just make sure the payment isn’t late – Hillary isn’t about to let you put our bond funds at risk.  And your titles won’t trade highly in debtors’ prison.

There are games and then there are games.  And at the end of the day I may be smart enough to be unhappy, and to feel only hatred because of it, but you will always be the guy with UofM Grizzly tail lights on a pickup that you’ll never, ever live to own.  Jeffrey Dahmer could drill a hole in my brain then pee in that hole and I would still know when I’ve been had!  And that is more than I can say for you: Grizzly; Believer; Breeder; American!

So Best Wishes, George Bush, YOU are the Champion of the World!

Long live the Champ!