Hillary INC.

Hillary is so smooth that I've slipped and fallen in blind, drunken acquiescence to inevitability.

Hillary is the corporate advertising that makes Fascism better than Free Will.

Hillary is the hydrogenated, corn syrup, bleached white flour paste the Devil spoon fed me for breakfast.

Hillary is the poster child for the Radio Head lyric ambition makes you look pretty ugly!

But I am out of ideas now and beside myself with drink and hate.  Thus I can merely recite the lyric of the greatest pop song in human history.

God save the queen.  Her fascist regime...
It made you a moron.  Potential H bomb.
God save the queen.  She ain't no human being!
And there is no future in England's dreaming.
Don't be told what you want.  Don't be told what you need.
There's no future.  No future.  No future for you!
God save the queen.  We mean it man (God save window leen).
We love our queen God saves (God save... human beings).

God save the queen, because tourists have money!
And our figurehead is not what she seems.
God save history.  God save the masquerade.
Oh lord God have mercy.  All crimes are paid.
When there's no future, how can there be sin.
We're the flowers in the dustbin.
We're the poison in your human machine.
We're the future -- your future!
God save the queen.  We mean it man.
There is no future in England's dreaming.
No future for you.  No future for me.