Wave Goodbye to Reagan's Idiot America

Yes.  It’s all a joke.  Only the joke’s on me.  And the joke is on you… 

Because no one can dispute that the top-two-percent has resoundingly succeeded in spreading its gospel of crony (er... laissez-faire) Capitalism (er... Democracy) around this planet.  But in doing so has seemingly missed that it spoiled the joke -- especially for the once proud and the once mighty American Middle Class.  And not surprisingly, this sudden realization -- that decades more Reagan-Bush-style financial profligacy is certain to lower living standards for 98% of us -- is not sitting at all well with the American electorate in an election year.

I liken the present situation to a friend's response years ago when I tried to convince him to watch Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room – “No thanks!  I know how it ends.”

Eventually even Joe America Sixpack wises up.  And the process has a name.  And that name is Populism!