Why I'm voting Democrat

I’m voting Democrat because having 2% of the human population control >50% of the world’s capital is simply not working!  Because NO ONE is that smart and therefore power (hegemony) should never have been allowed to become so concentrated in so few hands!  Because Iraq, Katrina, the credit crisis, the energy crisis, stagnant wages (for 98% of us) and rising prices have clearly demonstrated the sham inherent in the myth of a 2% ruling class.

I am voting Democrat because history has clearly shown the 2% club cares mostly about itself – and trickle down economics, if it ever worked, has certainly STOPPED working for me as a voting citizen of the United States of America!

I am voting Democrat because I cannot understand that anyone in this country could vote for so long against his/her economic interests (98%) and in favor of theirs (2%) – that is simply beyond my comprehension.  That’s why I’m a liberal – because during the course of my life I have come to appreciate that human existence is neither a sport nor a game – with a small cadre of (lucky) winners and all others (98%) simply losers.  Because the world I see is not simple, not black and white, not a corporate profit and loss statement – despite what Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and John McCain have said or written. 

I am voting Democrat because the world has too many weapons and not enough food.  Because safety can never be assured through murder.  Because The War on Terror will only be won following the rule of law -- through cooperative, multi-lateral law enforcement, through sharing ideas and ideals, through negotiation -- not through invasion and colonization. 

I am voting Democrat because we all breathe the same air; we all drink the same water.  We are all vastly more the SAME than we are different, and believing otherwise – i.e. believing primarily in the cult of individualism and in personal consumption without impact or consequence -- is the reason this planet is devolving to a giant, steaming pile of SHIT -- where each day the largest happiness any reasonable person can objectively muster is that he/she is one day closer to death -- one day closer to not having to live with competition instead of cooperation, with hatred instead of love or even empathy, with lies, oversimplifications and advertising over the pursuit of science, with worshipping my imperfect, owning, all-too-human (animal) self instead of the whole, perfect, abundant, sharable world.

I'm voting Democrat because, until things really change, it's just about the only hopeful, positive and life affirming thing I can do.