TARP Again Official -- But No Smiles Allowed

Remember.  It’s not the mortgages but rather the $62 TRILLION in Wall Street generated derivatives (e.g. Credit Default Swaps) collateralized by them…


But at least, out of all of this collapse and bailout, someone (actor and finance editorialist, Ben Stein) that sort-of works for the man has finally been published describing basically just how and how much rigged the investing game is for you and me, the little guy taxpayer/investor: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/28/business/28every.html

Though what really pisses me off, at the moment, is that I wanted to link a picture here -- like the one on the front page of the Times a mere 2 hours or so ago (when I should have snabbed it).  It showed the whole sordid gang: Paulson, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Baucus, et al. smiling ear-to-ear after they had finally shammed the official shite (bill) together.

But SUDDENLY (and I’m not kidding about this) all smiling TARP II, The Sequel celebration pictures have been taken down, replaced with dour, concerned, serious poses, seemingly across the entire www.

Thus, I hereby defy anyone to submit a picture of our glorious pigs (er… I mean leaders) in all their shit-eating-grin glory, celebrating the Stock Market’s (er… I mean Main Street’s) salvation!

Proceeding to youtube.com. Maybe someone uploaded a “smiley” clip there before the serious-only edict officially came down?!