The Gap

Hey, I'm in the top ten percent!

And I live in a big, old, stone house in Montana and my wife and I hold hundreds of thousands in our accounts -- at least in a broker's computer somewhere...

And no matter which selfish, petty, individualistic issue bothers me at this very moment, I find I'm just so very PROUD of myself! 

After all...

I'm a Gunslinger! 

I'm a Rock Star! 

I'm John Fucking Wayne, American!

But then I ask myself, "Gee, Todd, but isn't that the real problem here?"  Now that the whole of human existence has been reduced to competition, score-keeping and consumption -- or at least insuring I posses the means to consume, perpetually.  Maybe that's how we became broken?  Maybe that's why we (collectively) can't fix big problems any more?  Maybe that's why our world is unable to achieve or sustain real, existential human progress?

And then I remember the lyrics from an old Steely Dan song...
I heard it was you.
Talking about a world where all is free.
It just couldn't be.
And only a fool would say that!