TARP II Passes

The anal rape of the American taxpayer, known as TARP -- a bailout designed to enrich Wall Street billionaires -- er... I mean main street: small businesses, pension funds, 401Ks, etc... -- has passed both houses of Congress and will become law following President Bush's signature.

And the only problem I see is that:  a.) Most U.S. workers don't have pensions any more and  b.) Anyone stupid enough to have money in stocks today (as of last August when the collapse of the housing sham became apparent) probably (at least under Capitalism, which they tell me underpins our economic system) deserves to lose their money, in my opinion.

Stocks promptly sold off from daily highs on the news, with the DJIA ending down 157 points.

In philosophical circles, we refer to this as a universal concept known as JUSTICE!