America is…

Swallowing Wall Street’s turds coated in the fake promise of saving everyman capitalism.

Sawdust, formaldehyde and epoxy masquerading as “wood.”  Black plastic simulating “iron.”

A book/film like Revolutionary Road – but usually with a “happy” ending tacked on to placate corporate producers.

Spending billions of taxpayer dollars on airport “security” -- to prevent me taking more than two ounces of soap on a plane - but apparently not enough to deter a “watch listed” radical from concocting a PETN bomb on his lap during final descent into Detroit.  Followed by the “hero” that apparently foiled the plot refusing media interviews without compensation.

The 2009 Senate version of Health Care “Reform.”

God, Bill Frist and Terri Schiavo.

Trading in President Imbecile for President JASON.

The hope in your heart and the acid pain in your belly.

This is America.