No expanded Medicare.  No competition.  No price controls.  Mandatory participation.  As "breeders", "investors", "employees" and "Americans" we’ve sucked on it so long we don't even know which end we're sucking any more... 

All we know, post-2008, post econ-alypse, is the people and the system we believe in -- that we "stay in line", pay our taxes and stop at red lights for – isn’t capable of keeping the lights on or the trains running.  Not without borrowing from the next generation.

After 47 years, 4 mortgages, a million bucks and a billion compromises, I see now that hatred and rebellion are arguably the sincerest and most noble "social" acts.  That pretension and illusion are not the source of happiness.  That I wish to "unsubscribe" from this America.  That what I desire most is to stop believing and (somehow) become change.  Or (ultimate act of selfishness) live to see this failure, this caricature of human potential, catch fire and burn once and for all.