America: not just a job, but an adventure…

My latest "sales pitch" (for my anarchist/socialist politics)

America (since it loves war anyway) should be run more like the military (As a vet I know whereof I speak.):

  1. No one gets rich.
  2. Everyone gets a reasonable job to do.
  3. Everyone has honor and commitment to the cause/team - not to failed Goldman Sachs, Harvard MBA, elitist Pig, "trickle-down" capitalism (gospel of legalized theft) Uncle Ronnie brought “down from the mountain” in 1980 and which all but elites have suffered under ever since.   (Excepting perhaps 90’s commercialization of the Internet - which btw actually exacerbated the problems for our democracy by rendering undereducated/non-technocrats obsolete in the US.)

In short, I hate to tell you this, but we’re (obviously) in a fuck-load of trouble.  And the only thing that might get us out is fusion (creating atoms and molecules – i.e. more energy out than in – the classical “perpetual motion” machine pipe dream).  And frankly I don’t think I’m going to live to see that.  Do you?

If not, then shouldn’t we seriously be rethinking Wall Street-Washington-corporate capitalism?  Hunkering down.  Rethinking what it means to be human.  Raising efficiency by an order of magnitude.  Socializing “too big to fail” profits (not just losses)…