Emancipation is the only politics worth having!

If I can afford to buy the most expensive products, am I free?

If I teach young people to evolve as will-to-power anarchists amid a failing social order exploited by long decayed institutions, will they be free?

Is self actualization as simple as a video game, where happiness, mobility and possibility are products of my wage-slave salary score, my rung on the “private donor” social ladder, or my percentile in the Ponzi scheme pyramid of First World casino capitalism?

Is a Constitutional right to self determination achievable, without a bank account?  Without a job or home?  Without pensions, annuities, dividends or entitlement checks?  Without medication?

Or is there denouement in knowing that every unalienable human right is finally sacrificed at the altar of desire?

No matter how cynical I become, it’s never enough to keep up…” –Lilly Tomlin