Criminal World: reasons civilization peaked with the Whopper

What a typical mother's son
The only thing that she enjoys
Is a criminal world
Where the girls are like baby face boys

Your income taxes go to the IMF via a special trust in Puerto Rico.
Hence, the non-sovereign (aka slave/strawman) Federal Citizen sham your government needed to meet its constant and rapacious demand for your capital.
This is what "He's on paper!" really means when your friends go to jail.
Speaking of jail, if you can't defend yourself like a member of the American Bar Association then you're considered a ward of the court, so don't go to jail and court, except as a juror. Then jury nullify every bullshit case they ever put in front of you.
The more you drive, the less intelligent you are...

In '33 I knew I had it made
But I never loved Eva Braun

-Boomtown Rats, "I Never Loved Eva Braun"

Not everyone is scared of your pussy quantum event horizon...

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He can't tell you what he found, but I can...
'Cause it's a mystery
Under the sea
In the water

Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly
DJ spinnin' I said, "My my"
Flash is fast, Flash is cool
Fran├žois c'est pas, Flash ain't no dude

But I don't remember the last stanza lyrics on here and they're not documented anywhere...