The Union Forever: Book of Enoch Child of Enoch

My guess is this is NASA cover (?) for the beings (Genesis and Enoch) that have always been here...
Because anything they want you to believe is a lie. I hope you know that by now.
This also explains why the world has been so hot for Russia since before the Czars.
Land - there is only more!
Gold - more!
Water - more!
Wealth - more!
Once you realize that for 400 years our institutions have been populated by the worst of the worst, the dumbest of the dumb and the sleaziest of the sleaze it all makes perfect sense. The stumblers and bumblers who never give up... Not after 4 rejections. Not after 24. They are Not you. Not me. We found better things to do than chase a programmed dream!
Ask yourself this: If you couldn't sail to new land in a conventionally fueled ship, would they be trying so hard to electrify your transport grid and restrict your movements to a 200 mi. radius in vehicles that spontaneously combust?
Climate Change ?! The Sleeping Giant (undeniable new lands and beings) has awakened, they've just been trying to suppress the physics of God reality for too long and the jig is up.
I think our black hole sun's sarcophagal/keli-pot may be in Antarctica and the wealth and free energy available there is probably astounding.
North "pole" Sun (100%) ?
South "pole" sarcophagus (0% all night) ?
Everywhere else gets their slice of each ?
All I know is God is not a New Age guru.
And I am not idiot enough to fall for one world, one sex, one gene, one prey, one predator...

So if there is no eternal God in all of this then what's stopping the space lizards from eating us?

Repeat after me:
I am eternal
Every live thing I touch is eternal
God's divine particle fire of life is eternal
He made me a river I cannot cross
But through (his) The One (agape) love

They did it to you with words. I hope you can see that by now.

I watched the King on television today.
I love the King.
And he loves me.
Take this, brother, may it serve you well.
If you become naked...

Breaking the clay of your sarchophagus...
You have to remember, these people know stuff you didn't, until now, and have technology you don't and that's why they consider 6000 years a day. I don't think they know the world in 6000 years. They just know they still want to own it.
It's all flat. It's Occam's Razor. God doesn't complicate things. The simplest answer is the answer. If you're corporeal here you're not on Saturn and vice versa. If there are other "planets" then it's probably just some kind of dimensional thing with gravity, light and quantum effects that magnify the intensity from afar. God hides nothing but he's particle-wave. Trying to measure invalidates the outcome.

Hansel and Gretel aquiescence...

My guess is Lennon was ready to break their chain of fools after the comeback album (Not Now, John) ...

You ever get tired of living under a swinging wrecking ball? Me either.
In the battle of Heaven and Hell, the world fell -- Black Hole Sun -- and entered the 9 Rings of resolution/ascenscion back wave to its creator.
Do what thou wilt to Mother Earth! Don't save her. She don't wanna be saved.
This ring is Lust is my guess.
But good luck with the Israelites, Satan Obamanite sodomite Malaysian no birth certificate pig lying scum.
Your father has no dreams because he's Satan.
There's Law and there's God. Law can't exist without God. But what's going to happen to you is just God.
America Has a Problem Obamanite Sodomite All is gone; none is right Round yon buttock Drill it on home Poor little white boys Shouldn't smoke crack alone Sneak in heavenly piece Sneak in heavenly piece

So it happened according to his divine will. The great god went oil his way through the realms which are above, and these he divided and set in order. He spake creating words and called into existence the field of Aalu, and there he caused to assemble a multitude of beings which are beheld in heaven, even the stars, and these were born of Nut. In millions they came to praise and glorify Ra. Unto Shu, the god of atmosphere, whose consort is Nut, was given the keeping of the multitude of beings that shine in thick darkness. Shu raised his arms, uplifting over his head the Celestial Cow and the millions and millions of stars.

Then Ra spake unto the earth god, who is called Seb, and said: "Many fearsome reptiles dwell in thee. It is my will now that they may have dread of me as great as is my dread of them. Thou shalt discover why they are moved with enmity against me. When thou hast done that, thou shalt go unto Nu, my father, and bid him to have knowledge of all the reptiles in the deep and upon the dry land. Let be made known unto each one that my rays shall fall upon them. By words of magic alone can they be overcome. I shall reveal the charms by which the children of men call thwart all reptiles, and Osiris, thy son, shall favour the magicians who protect mankind against them."

He spake again and called forth the god Thoth who came into being by his word. "For thee, O Thoth he said, "I shall make a resplendent abode in the great deep and the underworld which is Duat. Thou shalt record the sins of men, and the names of those who are mine enemies; in Duat thou shalt bind them. Thou shalt be temporary dweller in my place; thou art my deputy. Lo! I now give messengers unto thee."

God is fire
God is vision
Jesus is Logos
Christ is Salvation
Vision creates truth of intention
Intention creates reality
But Satan's image is cast in sin
Left side abomination of Tikkun
Under Ra's Black Hole Sun
Prince of its artificial Light
I am striving for the Right Hand of God
Beyond this Cave of resets

Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. Amor Fati. Amen and Amen

The people who tell you they're Jews are Hitlers, Bushes, Obamas and Clintons.
Azazel, the corruption.
The Watchers.
Fuck Boys.
The Vatican.
Hegelian Dialectic.
CDC, Fauci, et al.
CIA and FBI.
Homeland Security.
Woodrow Wilson.
President Truman Show.
Controlled Opposition Media like Alex Jones and Infowars.
Hollohoax work camps dying from typhoid without drugs to treat it.
US Asian citizen internment camps.
Atheist education.
Think Tanks.
Perpetual National States of Emergency Executive Orders.
Satan's Yes Men.
Blood Chalice Pigs of the Earth.
KJV lied. God is not a Jew. He's an Israelite.

In Enoch it's all there. How these beings are bound, cannot ascend, ever, are commanded forever to be only summoned from below, how their children (Nephilim) are banished to the hinterlands to gradually wither and die or fall before His (our) sword. Their basic miscalculation was severely underestimating the number of people in their chain of fools that God, despite our centuries of torture, has already saved.

If I'm not confused the New Kingdom is a shithole and I'm getting out of it one way or another through the gospel of Jesus and the power of Christ. Amen.

We do battle with their vague, brief physical forms, their mantas and greys, their hybrid (?) tall Whites and obviously their billions of confused or charmed minions (an entire human population living in a cave...)

And some/all of those reps are on Christ's side. But again I'm sure we're all in some kind of bubble with a flat track black hole sun at least as long ago as Egypt.

If they impregnate humans, children carry (I think) both the Demi-God's divine seed, through Yahweh's creation and their magical/sarcophagal left Tikkun seed ? Embodiment of sarcophagal power obviosly yields extraordinary luck, talent, etc. to such individuals, as essentially white/black witches ?

** They Live **

as a false gospel of entwined serpents (white and black; yang and yin) which is embodied in all of their directed (gain-of-function, not creation) artifacts (maybe even your spikes, graphene, heavy metals and implants...) Since The Fall our world is a temple of wailing and lamentation for the sin of man and the fallacy of angels. As Christians, our hell is to live in it without dying to the only father it will ever have.

Archangel Michael: Wrong line John!
You're over here...