High Tech Give 'Em Enough Rope

The question is not if they wanted to mold me into some modified gay blade having 3 surgeries prior to age 6, but why they do it to those with natural affinity to women? There's one other boy I know of in Laurel they might have done at least some of my stuff to and his name was (deceased) Richard Turcotte.

In short, cloning, de-cloning and owning first born unicorn (Abraham, Isaac, David, Jesus...) sons is real... And, yes, it's Satan. Yes. He's freemason. Yes. He's one or more doctors, lawyers and probably at least one priest or Catholic Church official, in your town... He also installs windmills and tunes RF equipment he couldn't design in 1000 years, but it's killing your soul and harvesting your children anyway.

I think the thing with vague wings in my old instamatics below delights in me and there may be implants in the back and side of my skull correlated to it, but I cannot confirm this by e.g. xray, other than ear ringing (especially since 2020/covid), scars, looking like at least 3 distinct people over time, and visions/revelations/premonitions either from/through it or its spiritual oppostion in this world.

Even your known world is huge. Take a walk around your town. Chances are even in a small town the old industrial scale is staggering at pace. Everyone sees it but they need jobs for food money I am guaranteed now by law by their systems so I don't, and my eyes are open. Trillions and trillions of dollars are at stake in this world and we, free men and women are their enemy in taking it all for their Saturnian deceivers.

Face it. There's little standing between you and the battle of Gog and Magog today but me and my dead Great Grandma and my best friend, Uriel, the power of God on Earth.

Thou art God above all things.
Thy angels comfort me and bestow my world
Unto your children
In Jesus name.
Amen and Amen

Mortuaries burn almost everyone but, nowadays, you just wonder about the bodies, cops, hospitals, etc. that supply them...

But a man go through life without a big girl song is a man go through life without a dream.

Exalt unto the Lord YWVH all thy days and nights!
His is the glory you seek.
He wants me to be happy.
But he knows I'm gonna fuck around and find out with his thing forever.

LordAah, hoo!Stop it!See that cat?Yeah, I do mean youSee that cat?Yeah, I do mean youShe got a TV eye on meShe got a TV eyeShe got a TV eye on meOh
See that catDown on her back?See that catDown on her back?She got a TV eye on meShe got a TV eyeShe got a TV eye on meOh
See that cat?Yeah, I love her soSee that cat?Yeah, I love her soShe got a TV eye on meShe got a TV eyeShe got a TV eye on meOh, yeah
Right onRight onRight onRight on
Yeah, c'mon!See that cat?Look here, I love her soYou see that cat?Yeah, I love her soShe got a TV eye on meShe got a TV eyeShe got a TV eye on meOh
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: David Alexander / James Osterberg / Ronald Asheton / Scott Asheton
T.V. Eye lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Kanjian Music, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Lord, I hear your calling, if tickling another's inner child to come forth is a calling. Share the coconut. But 62 is late to choose full manhood. I'll do my best if it be thy will. Just show me a humble way to be a comet man. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen

Shows me 444
Don't tell me what it mean, years old... (I know)