Put Some Snuff On It For Me!

I don't give a fuck about Taylor Swift.
Or your poopy ass...
Here's my problem:
When I pay my check at the restaurant
I have to put down my money, tip and just leave.
Because the waitresses is so broken
She doesn't care
If I walk out
Without paying.

These people want to outlaw recreational sex! -David Plouffe, Obma minion

Super Small Down There Retardo Tank, Hellcat Edition
I would not fuck your little girl.
But anyone that borrows that kind of money for that...
In Biden's 20% cumulative inflation economy...
He will.

@jasonposton_ Down to ride? This 2022 RAM TRX with 702hp hellcat engine is definitely not natty. #ramtrx #ramtrx2022 #hellcat #mytruck #texasboy #truck #gofast ♬ original sound - Alex Morrison

Oh well. You can't depend on the worst always happening.

What level that?
She would know.

You call it patriarchy. I call it satan.

Every house is a trap house now...