Beltane and the Uniparty of Satan

 It's a club and you're not in it... -George Carlin

I hope you're a good person, and a Christian, but it really doesn't matter, because you're just being manipulated to NWO, no sin, no soul, nothing worth defending about yourself reality...

I know that my life make you nervous
But I tell you I can't live in service
Like the doctor who was born for a purpose
Rudie can't fail

First you must cure your temper
Then find a job in a paper
You need someone for a savior
Rudie can't fail

I went to the market, to realize my soul
Because what I need, I just don't have
First they curse, then they press me 'til I hurt
Rudie can't fail

What can I say?
The girls all know.
But they just wanna have fun, right?
As for me, I live in a reality
Where even if He wasn't real
My shame in even suspecting what I do
Is more than real enough for me.

I took Life Drawing 101 in college (yes, the model hit on me...)
The tenured professor instructing painted these huge murals of Eastern Montana.
He said they sell well in Oregon because they
Remind rich people there of the ocean.

Smokey came in early this morning.
It was a good day after all...

No. Never really into that Beatles shit.
The solo work...

-Lou Reed

I get you out of Iraq.
You be my Yoko...
You have to watch my video because you're really petite and that takes a long time to start.
You have to be ready for a Missionary Man.
I know Ronnie. Ronnie's dead.
Wow. 5g is really fast
And so are you...