Be Kind to Hugo

Oil down!
Stock market up!
Bush approval soars to 44% (by Diebold standards, that's a super-majority)!

Well Happy Days are Here Again!

But my only problem is that I agreed 100% with everthing Hugo said that was quoted on the news. Is Venezuela's social security system solvent? Do Venezualens have free health care? Does the government provide a stipend to insure no one starves? Man, that socialism stuff is just pure EVIL isn't it?

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. American Retard, just please be nice to Hugo and Mahmoud. (PSST! They have a LOT of OIL!) And our Great America funhouse runs on the stuff.

Oh and if you think we can just TAKE it, because, like we have really fast fighter jets and stuff... I'm afraid our youth between the ages of 18 and 24 just don't seem to be signing up on the dotted line to die for our corporations the way they used to.

They hate us for our freedom (or is it our spinach). Damn, I can't keep it straight any more!