More pro-Marx, anti-Shrub Riffs...

IMO worker's economics have become so bad in the U.S. that the average American, who works more days per year, has a lower overall standard of living, pays for his own healthcare, and dies several years sooner than the average western European, has essentially eroticized (or allowed Rush Limbaugh to do it for him) his/her exploitation. So complete is the delusion here that we're essentially prostitutes having fallen in love with those that climb on us over and over, grunting and thrusting like animals.


You're Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson has $700M in his back pocket from his days at Goldman Sachs (You know, GS, the people that carried Enron's paper until the rest of its investors finally uncovered the scam and bailed, destroying $2B in worker's retirement in the wake of the collapse. So I'm quite sure that good old mid-western Hank has your best interests at heart). Your Defense Secretary is worth hundreds of millions and gets richer with every dose of Tamiflu sold. Your Vice President awarded no-bid contracts to the company he was once CEO of -- Halliburton -- to "rebuild" Iraq. And, finally, you're President, the "liberator" of Iraq, is the extra-chromosome son of yet another wealthy American family dragging down the human genome by eliminating taxation of inheritance.

I tell you, surely the average American is so sick and so deluded that we should teach Das Kapital in the schools!

So call it populism. Call it social democracy. I don't care what you call call it, but without the contribution of people like Karl Marx, you'd have been thrust into work as a child and likely be dead by now. Sure over the years the capitalists have done just enough -- insuring we're fatter, less educated, more "entertained" (are you ready for some FOOTBALL!) and most importantly, unaware of our commoditization -- to keep the lid on for another season.

Just keep paying no attention to the man behind the curtain, America, (While you're at it, take out another home equity loan so you can show us all just how rich you really are). Remember, the man behind the curtain is working for you.