Bush EXPLODES to 44% Approval!

Still a Nixon-like level (i.e. relatively not good)... But then, by Diebold standards, 44% is a SUPER-MAJORITY.

Translation: Democrats doomed!

My advice to the Democratic Party of the United States of America: next time STAND for something different -- like, oh, I don't know... maybe the environment, energy independence, peace, humanism, corporate reform, entitlement solvency... you know, KOOKY stuff like that.

Instead all I really see/hear is: "We're going to fight THAT NOUN better than they did!" When, statistically, my risk of dying from THAT NOUN is the same as my risk of being struck by a comet. (Where's the Dept. of Comet Security!? Where's the $500B appropriation for the anti-comet defense system?)

So Dems, follow my advice and eventually the voters might just notice -- or the sky will explode, the oceans will rise 25 feet, and we'll all die screaming anyway -- whichever comes first.