Did you see that jobs report?  George Bush's economy shed 240K jobs last quarter!

If that number hits 750K it will be virtually impossible for 72-year-old let-them-eat-cake-McCain (though I have always maintained that GWB is the Marie Antoinette of the 21st Century) to be reelected to the Senate let alone President.

I just can’t wait to see McCain, Romney, Shrub, et al pandering to the “little guy” out on the campaign trail… “Liberals are to blame!  Liberals laid all you people off!  Liberals exported your jobs to China.  Liberals destroyed the dollar and raised oil to $125/barrel.  Our Hedge Funds and $300M CEO salaries had nothing at all to do with it!

Yes, it may work one or two more seasons (obvious reasons) – but one day we baby room retards will retire (retirement means fixed income -- living on your savings -- and living on savings is going to turn most retirees very liberal IMO).  Finally, some day the Baby Boom will die!  And I don't see much future for the Republican Party after that.

Finally, this country needs a voting competency test.  If we do it for driving, we should do it for voting… 

I'm sorry oldies, but if you can't control your bodily functions, then you have no right selecting the next President of the United States of America.  Get out of the way!  You had your chance and look what you did with it -- 50 years of masturbation through materialism.  Now every resource is gone and the world is rapidly becoming,  in the words of George Carlin, a steaming pile of shit

So give a less corrupted and more pragmatic generation a chance!

And remember, JESUS is waiting...